Why Publish With Us

Fast review process

The decision on your article is processed very fast without any delay and in shortest possible time. The processing period is 1-2 weeks.

Open-access & e-journal

Free-flow of the information is necessary in this world. Open-access leads to more citation and hence more recognition for our esteemed authors.

Critical and positive peer-review

The decisions of the reviewers is unbiased and whatever is the decision is conveyed to the authors.

ISO Journals

Our journal is as per ISO 3297-2007

Peer review process

  • Submitted article by the authors is received by the editor.
  • The editor verifies relevance of the article to the journal’s policy for publishing such article i.e whether the article satisfies the need and technical standard of the journal.
  • The editor sends the article to the at least two blindly selected reviewers. The reviewers have the power to select and reject the paper.
  • The review results received from the reviewers are compiled.
  • The results are corresponded to the corresponding author and he is asked to respond to the comments raised by the reviewers.
  • If the editor is satisfied by the responses of the author, accepted for publication or a rejection letter is sent if not accepted
  • The corresponding author is required to respond in due time and clarify ambiguities if any.
  • If the paper is accepted, the author is asked to pay the publication charges.