Article Published In Vol.6,No.2

Urban Governance in Multimodal Integrated Urban Transportation

Author : Amit Bhattacharya and Gaurab Das Mahapatra

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In the last century, Urban Transportation has undergone the most elaborate changes amongst the other development parameters. From motor age to MRTS, the face of urban transportation has been constantly upgrading. The factors involved in the up gradation include globalization, population explosion, liberalization of global economy and technological advancements. The various modes of urban transport also supported this global need which ultimately had the urgency of integrating. The integration was essential primarily for smooth functioning of urban life. In the recent past, transportation has been the guiding factor in determining the spatial pattern of a development region. One key body which has always been involved in the whole process is governance. Urban Governance has always been challenging owing to the adaptation of multiple socio-economic segments of the society and the involvement of multimodal transportation makes is even more challenging. The role of governance has undergone a paradigm shift from mere policy making to revenue generation and beyond. This paper will discuss on the role of this governance. This will help us have a better insight into the merits and demerits in the role of urban governance in multimodal urban transportation, with a focus of determining the driving forces to foster urban and regional planning.

Keywords: Governance, Urban Transport, Modal Splits, and Revenue