Article Published In Vol.3,No.1

Thermal Analyses of Multi-Pass Underfloor Heating with PLC System

Author : Nabil Beithou and Mohammad R.H. Abdelkader, (Jordan)

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Toward a green building constructions, the under floor heating using evacuated tubes solar collectors for multi-apartment buildings were considered. After many practical implementations, the use of evacuated tubes solar collectors for under-floor heating did not prove its feasibility for high heating loads. Many authors reported that the evacuated tube solar collector’s efficiency decreases as the water temperature increases in the system. The poor insulation and the low efficiency of evacuated tube solar collectors at high temperatures limited the use of evacuated tube solar collectors with under floor heating systems. As the technology improves there is a possibility of controlling the evacuated tubes under-floor heating system governing parameters to ensure high system efficiency and adequate heating for the building. In this paper, the Multi-Pass Under-Floor Heating System (MPUFHS) heated with Evacuated Tubes Solar Collector (ETSC) and controlled with Programmable Logic Control (PLC) is thermally analyzed to supply an adequate heat to space and ensure that the  ETSC work with its maximum possible efficiency.

Keywords:  Solar Collector, Evacuated Tubes, Underfloor Heating, PLC, Multi-Pass, Green Buildings, Energy saving.