Article Published In Vol.6,No.2

The Role of Open Sources in Rural Areas Water Harvesting

Author : Gar Al-nabi Ibrahim Mohamed and Faisal Al-thobiani

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The paper investigated the collection, processing, analysis and presentation of the topographic information required for locating a rainfall water draining site, using open data sources and free of charge application programs. The effort made in this investigation clearly revealed the important role of these inputs in obtaining a huge volume of draining water in one site. A water volume that is hundreds of times that of a traditional hafeer can be harvested in one draining site (93,330,400m3/300,000m3= 311 approx.). This allows for supplying a group of villages/agricultural camps by drinking water in the nearby area. Applying this technique insures harvesting the required volume of water in dry rainfall seasons. Hence open data sources and free of charge application programs can play an important role related to the provision of drinking water for both humans and animals in rural areas world-wide.

Keywords: Hafeer, residential area, draining area, draining site, drinking water, rainfall rate, open source.