Article Published In Vol.3,No.1

The Relationship between Iranian University Students’ Scores on Their English Language Final Exam and Their Attributions

Author : Mehrdad Rezaee, Majid Farahian and Saeed Rezaee, (Iran)

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To investigate the role of attribution of success among English as foreign language (EFL) learners, the present study explored the possible relationship between the scores of Iranian university students gained in their English language final exams and the factors that they used as attribution for their success and failure. Having this purpose in mind, some 85 Iranian EFL learners at university level were selected based on their general English score. The participants were required to answer a questionnaire. As findings revealed, learners at different levels and fields of study attribute their successes and failures to different factors ranging from hard-work to difficulty of the task. It has also has been revealed that one’s understanding of his physical and mental abilities has undoubtedly a great impact on his final learning and also on his achievements. Moreover, it has been found that sex has no effect on the attribution of the learners.

Keywords: Attribution, Motivation, EFL Learners, Success, Failure.