Article Published In Vol.4,No.1

The Milk Yield and Composition of Damascus (Shami) Cyprus Goats in intensive system Eastern Sudan

Author : Omer M. O. M, Ahmed K. A and Amani A.E.B

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Damascus (Shami) goats of Cyprus was imported to Sudan from Cyprus and kept under local environmental conditions (intensive system). The result showed that the milk yield of the Shami Cyprus goats in the seasons winter and summer. In winter the yield per day was 3.16±0.82 liter, 3.69±0.53liter for the single and twins does respectively, while  milk yield  in summer per day was 2.4 ±0.8 liter, 3.4± 1.2 liter for the single and twins does respectively. The average milk yields in both seasons were 3.16 ±0.84 liter per day. The average milk yield through the lactation period was (528 – 682 liter) according to the season. The component of milk: fat, protein, lactose, ash and the percentage of total solids were 3.81± 0.72%, 3.71± 0.13, 4.63±0.26, 0.83±0.03,12,98±1.14%respectively.

Keywords:  Damascus – Cyprus – Milk yield – Composition.