Article Published In Vol.1,No.2

Study of Roller Burnishing Process of Polymer Silica Hybrid Nanocomposites

Author : D. Lingaraju , K. Ramji

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Roller Burnishing is a cold working process which produces a fine surface finish by the planetary rotation of hardened roils over a bored or turned metal surface. Roller Burnishing involves cold working the surface of the work piece to improve surface structure and finish as well as micro-hardness in a single process, with reduction in tool set-up time that is difficult in conventional processes. The increase in the surface strength mainly improves the fatigue behavior of work-piece under dynamic load. Of Late, the properties of composites are improved using fillers in the size of nano level as reinforcement. Fillers like nanosilica provide better performance with some treatment, may be chemical modification to the surface, than natural structure. In this work, nanosilica is modified by 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane and prepares the hybrid nanocomposite laminates by hand lay-up method. Machining of polymer hybrid nanocomposites is not recommended. A low surface roughness and high hardness was obtained for the same spindle rotation, feed rate and depth of penetration by the burnishing process.

Keywords: Roller burnishing, surface roughness, hardness, polymer hybrid nanocomposites