Article Published In Vol.2,No.3

Pumping System Performance: An Empirical Case Study

Author : Nishant Aggarwal, Dinesh Khanduja

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Proper selection of a tube well viz. submersible type, diesel run type, electricity run type is essential for good life of tube well & its appropriate utilisation. There are certain factors which affect the water distribution in the tube wells. The present study in the Roorkee tehsil of Hardwar district, Uttarakhand, has been taken to meet out the objectives related to performance evaluation of pumping systems. The relevant data & information related to ground water pumping system has been collected from the field. The data has been utilised to analyse the existing pumping systems for which various parameters namely owner’s details, tube well details including the year of installation, total cost incurred, boring & pipe depth, pipe material, manufacturing place etc. & pumping unit details including the input/ output power, voltage supply, current supply, rated frequency, rated efficiency have been taken. Paper shows the use of various tubewell types in 8 villages of Roorkee tehsil & comparing the average boring depths & average output power incurred from them. Precising the water table values at different places & how the table has lowered down with time. Comparing various parameters like operation & maintenance, performance appraisal, interaction factor, quality & use of solar powered pumping systems among 8 villages. No. of pumps used, of which how many are defective or dry & the various methods to improve their efficiencies.

Keywords: Pump efficiency, boring depth, output power, per capita land owned, per capita in tubewell, submersible, diesel run & electricity type tubewell, maintenance, performance.