Article Published In Vol.4,No.2

Performance of 5kwpgrid-Connected Solar PV System in the Coastal, Tropical Forest and Northern Climatic Zones of Ghana

Author : Stephen Afonaa-Mensah, David Abaidoo and Wisdom Opare

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The performance of 5kWp grid-connected solar PV system in Takoradi, Sunyani and wa selected from coastal, tropical forest and northern climatic zones of Ghana respectively have been analyzed. The performance parameters considered based on IEC standard 61724 are the final PVsystem yield  ), reference yield  and Performance Ratio (PR). We recorded the best monthly final PV system yield throughout the year with peaking value of 146.73kWh/kW in the month of March when the highest solar irradiance was recorded while Sunyani had the lowest final PV system yield of 90.50kWh/kW in August when the lowest irradiance was recorded. Solar PV system reference yield was realized to have varied similarly as the final PV system yield. With respect to Performance Ratio,Sunyani was the best throughout the year with the peak performance ratio of 0.791 inAugust when the ambient temperature was lowest while the least was recorded in Wa to be 0.770 in March when the ambient temperature was highest. It is therefore realized that final PV system yield and reference yield greatly depended on the irradiance of the location considered while the performance ratio greatly depended on the temperature of the location.

Keywords: Final PV system yield, Reference yield, Performance Ratio, Solar PV System, grid connected systems.