Article Published In Vol.2,No.2

Optimization of On-load Coil Parameters for High Frequency Industrial Induction Heater

Author : Pradip Kumar Sadhu, Nitai Pal and Atanu Bandyopadhyay

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An exhaustive as well as comprehensive method for determining and optimizing the coil parameters for the best possible performance of high frequency resonant mirror inverter based induction heater is presented. Here litz wire is used for heating coil of the induction heater which controls the skin effect and proximity effect of conductor operating at high frequency. With the calculated optimum values of inductance and resistance at a particular operating frequency, HF mirror inverter topology has been simulated using P-SIM and MATLAB-SIMULINK. Afterwards waveforms have been shown. It is seen that at a particular switching frequency, the quality output is obtained, which can justify the feasibility for real implementation of high frequency mirror inverter fed induction heater in industrial appliances.

Keywords: Induction heating, Mirror inverter, litz wire, P-SIM, MATLAB, ZCS and ZVS