Article Published In Vol.7,No.3

Optimization of Machining Parameters in Turning Operation of Bronze Metal for Surface Temperature

Author : Samreena Siddique and Deepak Gupta

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In most of the production industries mostly the numbers of components are manufactured by the metal removal turning. Now due to this metal removal a high temperature at the surface of the metal occurs due to which it affects the properties of the material. So the objective of the paper is to optimization of machining parameters in turning operation of bronze metal for surface temperature. On the basis of observations from the pilot experiments three values of Cutting speed 220,330,440, three values of feed 1, 1.5, 2 and three values of Depth of cut 1, 2, 3 were chosen. L9 orthogonal array performed using these values. It is concluded that for Temperature to be minimum Cutting speed has to be at high level 3, Feed has to be at high level 3 & D.O.C has to be at level 1.

Keywords: Turning, Surface Temperature, Taguchi, Orthogonal Array, Signal to noise ratio