Article Published In Vol.3,No.1

Open Source Intelligence of Web Mining

Author : Raghavendran V, (Oman)

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Open source intelligence of web mining is the extraction and analysis of directly or indirectly, publicly available information from various source using Information extraction techniques. OSINTWM operations support other intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) efforts by providing foundational information that enhances collection and production. As part of a multidiscipline intelligence effort, the use and integration of OSINTWM ensures decision makers have the benefit of all available information. Two important terms in these complementary definitions are –– Open Source, which is any person or group that provides information without the expectation of privacy –– the information, the relationship, or both is not protected against public disclosure. Publicly Available Information, which is data, facts, instructions, or other material published or broadcast for general public consumption; available on request to a member of the general public: lawfully seen or heard by any casual observer; or made available at a meeting open to the general public Collecting webpage content and links can provide useful information about relationships between individuals and organizations. Properly focused, collecting and processing publicly available information from Internet sites can support understanding of the operational environment.


Keywords:  open source, search engine,