Article Published In vol.2006

Nissim Ezekiel’s Delineation of Man and Human Relationship

Author : Manisha Khatri and Dr. Arun Kumar

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This paper examines in depth Nissim Ezekiel’s social idealism by representing man – woman relationship, thereby making it clear that poetry lives with a unique aliveness which does present the human experiences relationships filled with struggles and miseries and through his poetry, Ezekiel draws the cognizance about living creatures and shows how he symbolizes the polluted society by its condition. Through the plays of Ezekiel, one can get to know the dramatic and artistic skill of his. It reveals how through his plays he brings out the theme of frustration & suffering and exposes the reality of the hollowness of the people who contrive for themselves, using his skill to picture human psychology. He is known as philosophical, religious and Nature’s poet whose commitment is nothing but the experience of human life in the society.

Keywords: Nissim Ezekiel, Social Condition, Human Values, Nature, Emotional Themes, Suffering Of Human, Superstitious Belief