Article Published In Vol.4,No.1

NFC vs Bluetooth

Author : Ajay Mohandas, Khoshrav Doctor, Shubham Jayawant, Mohit Pattni, and Asst Prof. Era Johri

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In today’s world as most of the work is being digitalized, demand for faster data transmission has drastically increased. People look forward to those applications that can ease their work. Transferring of data at a faster rate from one point to another has become a crucial part in one’s day to day job. One such application is NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION (NFC). NFC is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. NFC helps to transfer data from one point to another in a fraction of a second.  This paper provides a comparison between Bluetooth and NFC systems to highlight merits of NFC over Bluetooth and why NFC will have a greater demand over Bluetooth in the near future. The paper also highlights on how NFC can be used that will benefit the industry and consumer alike.

Keywords: Near Field Communication, Bluetooth, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID, digitalised.