Article Published In Vol.1,No.2

Mathematical Analysis of the Mirror Inverter based High Frequency Domestic Induction Cooker

Author : Dola Sinha , Pradip Kumar Sadhu , Nitai Pal

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Demand of domestic induction cooker increases day-by-day because of its inherent advantages. Different types of inverters are used in high frequency Induction cooker. This paper deals with the circuit analysis of a half bridge series resonant IGBT-fed mirror inverter based high frequency domestic induction cooker. The principle of inverter operation with waveforms has been presented here. The circuit is also simulated by PSPICE software. One prototype experimental model is fabricated. The analytical result and software simulated result are compared with this real time experimental result. And results are coming almost similar in nature.

Keywords: Half bridge Series Resonant Inverter, Induction cooker, IGBT, Mirror Inverter, PSPICE Simulation