Article Published In Vol.3,No.1

Market Management and Security System

Author : Nabil Beithou, Mohammad R.H. Abdelkader and Mohammed A. Hilal, (Jordan)

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Selling nowadays is highly depending on large markets or what is called Malls. These Malls include a high number of properties that are added and sold at the same time. Most Malls are facing problems in managing these properties and security as well. In this study a Market Management and Security System (MMSS) is proposed. This system allows the digital friendly interactive monitoring of the available properties. The system consist of electronic trays accompanied with digital strain gauge, that gives a continuous instantaneous digital signal to the monitoring system which record the state of the tray, it shows how many parts are missing from the try. Whenever the property passes the payment disc it record selling and neutralise again. This system allows for security control, it gives signal if the tray looses more than the expected selling rate at a time, it can give the selling rate of each property, time that this property is most required, the total balance of the market properties and many others.

Keywords:  Market Management, Market Security, Market Monitoring, Market Control.