Article Published In Vol.3,No.2

Implementation and Application of nanotechnology in Industrial Sector

Author : Dr. Mohammad Israr, Amit Tiwari and Dr. Anshul Gangele

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In a world of information, digital technologies have made copying fast, cheap, and perfect, quite, independent of cost or complexity of the content. What if the same were to happen in the world of matter? The production cost of a ton of tetra byte RAM chips would be about the same as the production cost of steel. Design costs matter, production costs would not matter. Hard to imagine ? Not for the new  breed  of scientist who  says  that  the  21st    century could  see all these science  fiction dreams  come true  that  is because of molecular    nanotechnology, a hybrid of chemistry  and engineering that would let us manufacture anything with atomic precision. Nanotechnology at times becomes easier to predict. Computers will compute faster, and materials will become stronger and medicine will cure more diseases. The technology that works at nano meter scale of molecules and atoms will be a large part of this future, enabling great improvements in all the fields of human presence. But it could also create some problems.


Keywords: Nano-Wires, Problem with Nano technology, Potential side effect and Application.