Article Published In Vol.2,No.2

Heat Transfer Analysis in a Channel Flow with Incline Blocks and Equilateral Triangles as Obstacles

Author : M. Gupta and Ishu Monga

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In the present experimental work, heat transfer analysis has been performed in a channel with heated plates having inclined blocks, with and without equilateral triangles as obstacle. The experimental results are compared with the plane channel. The main aim of this experimental work is to find the enhancement in the heat transfer and to find the pressure drop because of the use of inclined blocks and equilateral triangles as obstacles. The equilateral triangular obstacles are used as a passive element which did not need extra energy and blocks are used in inclined manner which produces flow disturbance and recirculation effects. The results show a substantial enhancement in heat transfer with the use of equilateral triangle as an obstacle along with the inclined blocks. Further experiments are performed for different Reynolds numbers 17037, 19799, and 26246

Key words: Heat transfer enhancement, pressure drop, inclined blocks