Article Published In Vol.3,No.2

Head Movement Based Feeder System for the Physically Challenged Using PSoC

Author : N. S. Aishwarya Lakshmi and Suresh R. Norman

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The aim of our project is to assist the physically challenged people with feeding, based on their head movements. In our project, PSoC (Programmable System on Chip) is used to develop the system along with a NXT microcontroller. PSoC proximity sensor is used to detect head movements. Also, the LEDs on the Cypress-3 PSoC kit can be lighted up, one by one, as the head gets closer to the sensing antenna of PSoC. The LED outputs are converted to an electrical signal using a light sensor present in Lego Mindstorm and is given as an input to initiate the operation of robotic arm. The safety of the user is an important factor to be considered since the robotic arm operates near the user’s face. Hence the Ultrasonic sensor is used to stop the robotic arm movement, when it reaches approximately 25cms from the patient’s face. The touch sensor is placed near the cheeks of the person and on its activation, it will resume the robotic arm movement towards the patient’s mouth. The next operation of the touch sensor returns the robotic arm to its initial position and the robot assisted feeding process continues thus. Lego Mindstorms is used for the design of a robotic arm. Thus, we will design a robotic feeder system for the physically challenged without the intervention of nurse/ attender taking the safety of the person into consideration.


Keywords: PSoC, Lego Mindstorms, robotics, sensors, motors.