Article Published In Vol.2,No.2

Global Communication using Satellites

Author : Banita Chadhaa, Ankit Chadha

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Today the world is dominated by the two Mobile System (1) GSM (2)WLL .The architecture of both the system provides limited mobility. To overcome this and other such problems, Mobile communication-using satellite is being invented Global mobile satellite communications (GMSC) are specific satellite communication systems for maritime, land and aeronautical applications. It enables connections between moving objects such as ships, vehicles and aircrafts, and telecommunications subscribers through the medium of communications satellites, ground earth stations, PTT or other landline telecommunications providers. The basic architecture consist of satellite phone which directly transmits to the satellite orbiting above it .This satellite connect the user to the nearest Earth station also known as Hub. This hub is connected to the local network exchange mobile communication can also be done using GPS networks.

Keywords: Protocols , Services , Multiple access schemes , GPRS core network