Article Published In Vol.1,No.2

Forced Convective Heat Transfer Effects and Flow Resistance in a Packed Bed Column with Al2O3 Nano Fluid

Author : G. Srinivasrao , K.V. Sharma , S.P. Chary , M.T. Naik

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This study explores the pressure drop, friction coefficient, flow resistance factor and forced convective Heat transfer effects in a packed bed column with two different diameter glass beds Dp (6mm,14.56mm) with the packed bed Reynolds number(ReP=500 to 1500). Al203 nano fluid introduced in the experimental testrig in three different concentrations 0.02%, 0.1%, and 0.5% respectively against the gravity. The results indicate that resistance approaches a minimum in higher diameter particle and minimum concentration of Al203. The influence of volume concentration percentage of nano particles on the friction factor, pressure drop, and convective heat transfer can achieve a higher average Nusselt number value for its higher concentration. Therefore, three dominated parameters (ε, Rep, ϕ) need to be compromised for their effects in the above mentioned Cf and Nu. The proposed empirical correlation equations of friction factor (f), Nusselt number (Nu) with volume concentration and particle diameter are
  0 3117 0 2919 20 0593 1 . . f  . Rep   and 0 98 0 5310 0 4403 0 188 1 . . . Nu . Rep Pr  

Keywords: Packed bed, Nanofluid, Convective heat transfer, Friction factor, Nusselt number