Article Published In Vol.2,No.1

Experimental Study for Heat Transfer Analysis in Electronic Circuit along with Inclined Blocks Using Sharp Edged Wavy Plate

Author : Mohmad Iqbal, Ombir Singh, Jagdip Chouhan

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An experimental study of forced convection for air flowing through printed circuit board under turbulence flow condition has been considered. The importance of heat transfer enhancement has gained greater significance in areas such as microelectronic cooling, especially in central processing units, macro and micro scale heat exchangers, gas turbine internal airfoil cooling, fuel elements of nuclear power plants, and bio medical devices. A tremendous amount of effort has been devoted in developing new methods to increase the heat transfer from finned surface to the
surrounding flowing fluid. The present work suggests a way to enhance the electronic circuit cooling using sharp edged wavy plate and inclined blocks.

Keywords: Heat transfer, Forced convection, Printed circuit board, Channel flow