Article Published In Vol.2,No.4

Experimental Setup for Thermal Analysis of Machine Tool during Cutter Grinding Operation

Author : Mohmad Iqbal, Abdul Aziz, Wasim Akram

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During machining various challenges are encountered like the generation of unwanted amount of heat which leads material failure. Finite element method (FEM) is the main tool or approach that has been used by researchers to evaluate results for almost every problem to observe the variation in data for experimental results and simulated results. Our experimental set up gives us an inkling what considerations should we follow in order to predict the optimum & efficient results. In the present work we are taking numerous work pieces of multiple facets. The proposed model is a transient varying state, curvy-linear problem that can calculate the optimum temperature and force fields on the work piece. In this paper, the different types of materials as mild steel, nikel- chromium steel and stainless steel are used.

Keywords: Grinder, Thermal, structural, Heat affected zones, forces.