Article Published In Vol.1,No.2

Experimental Set-up for Heat Transfer Analysis in a Channel having Trapezoidal Bottom Wall with a Sharp Edged Wavy Plate

Author : Munish Gupta , Mohmad Iqbal

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Heat transfer enhancement using a sharp edged wavy plate in a channel having trapezoidal bottom wall is experimentally taken for heat transfer analysis. Air is taken as working fluid. The sharp edged wavy plate is placed in the centre of the channel. By inserting a sharp edged wavy plate and making the channel bottom wall trapezoidal the flow is disrupted and secondary flow is created, which leads to destabilization of boundary layer and hence increase in heat transfer as compared to plane channel. This paper suggests a way to augment the heat transfer in heat exchanger devices using sharp edged wavy plate and trapezoidal bottom wall of the channel.

Keywords: Heat transfer, Forced convection, trapezoidal wavy plate, Channel flow