Article Published In Vol.4,No.2

Ethical Dilemmas of Advertising

Author : Gulfam Ashraf, RabiaYounus, Aimenshafiq, Zia Khan, Ibtahaj Waseem and Tanzila Samin

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Advertising is a form of communication with your audience and telling them about your product and its features. Advertisements have great effect on the consumers as they get to know about the products firstly from these. The unpleasant behavior of people towards these advertisements, towards the controversial products, their perception and opinions should be kept in mind. But some companies don’t consider their ethical responsibility and go against the market ethics by making and airing unethical advertisement. An attempt should be measured to make religiously and ethically approved advertisements and the society should be kept safe from the harmful effects of advertisements. There should be a legal outline or rules and regulations set and implemented which the companies should follow during the advertising so that if there is any problem it can be solved according to law.

Keywords: Advertising, Ethical problems, Market ethics, Unethical advertisement, Legal outline.