Article Published In Vol.2,No.3

Energy Efficiency in Information & Communication Technology (ICT): Directions of Research

Author : Pavel Somavat, Amarjit Kalra, Prem Sagar Jasuja

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Information & Communication Technology (ICT) revolution has resulted in a large number of computer, internet and mobile phone users around the world. This not only imply that a gargantuan number of computing devices like PCs, mobile phones, routers, servers etc. are built and used but also mean that this segment is becoming a significant consumer of energy due to billions of users. With continued development projected for decades to come, energy consumption in this sector will continue to grow. In this paper we show how ICT energy consumption has become considerable and the need of the hour is sustainable development in this sector as well. We discuss the latest areas of research in ICT energy efficiency to give the readers an idea of state of the art research work being done to ensure energy efficiency and saving carbon emissions due to ICT sector.

Keywords: Information & Communication Technology, energy efficiency, sustainable networks, data centres, internet, mobile communication.