Article Published In Vol.2,No.3

Energy and Throughput of Hierarchical Routing Protocol Leach and Leach-C for WSNS: A Review

Author : Navneet Verma, Devendra Prasad, Mukesh Chawla

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This review paper presents that how performance of LEACH-C is better than LEACH in case of energy constrained and throughput. LEACH-C is the variant of low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) protocol for WSNs. The sensor nodes are generally battery powered and also equipped with transceiver, once they are deployed, it is difficult to recharge or replace them from the network area. So, efficient utilization of energy for a sensor node is an important issue for the lifetime of sensor nodes in WSNs.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Minimum Transmission Energy, Cluster Head, Base station Data aggregation.