Article Published In Vol.4,No.1

Drowsiness Detection System for Real Time Driving Conditions

Author : Prof. Khushi Khanchandani, Ms Shruti Milind Nanajkar, Ms Srushti Rajesh Shah and Ms Sofiya Barkat Ali Shaikh

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The increasing technological inventions like cellular phones and GPS devices, we observe increasing number of distractions to divert the driver’s attention. This distraction has led to increasing number of accidents on road, which brings a need of a Drowsiness Detection System that calculates various eye parameters to help the driver stay alert. This type of system brings about alertness and accuracy in the driver towards risk and safety. This technology uses face and eye detection methods to create a prototype which can be further developed into a software to reduce the risk of road accidents.

Keywords and phrases: Face Detection, PCA, Eye Detection, Pupil radius.