Article Published In Vol.3,No.1

Discourse Markers and Lecturers’ Gender

Author : Mehrdad Rezaee and FerdowsAghagolzadeh, (Iran)

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Now that discourse markers frequently appear in spoken languages and have a key role in every day conversations, it is important to study whether there is a gender difference in the usage of discourse markers. The present paper is a review of different definitions for the term “discourse marker” (DM) by various researchers based on their point of views. The variation in the definition of DMs is also an indication of DM’s multifunctional feature. Meanwhile, on the basis of different scholars’ viewpoints, the functions of discourse markers have been discussed. Finally, the role of gender on the type, use, and functions of DMs has been discussed on the basis of the findings of different research studies.


Keywords: Discourse marker, gender, lecture.