Article Published In Vol.3,No.1

Digestibility of Crop Residues in Feeding of Sheep Lambs

Author : Eisa S.A.E and Ahmed K.A, (Sudan)

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The experiment was conducted in Research Station in Gadarif State,Sudan to measure the digestibility of (Dry matter-DM, Crud protein- CP and Crud fiber- CF) of three types of crop residues (Sorghum, Groundnut and Sesame straw) in feeding nine local Sudanese Sheep Lambs. The results indicate that the sesame straw, ground nut straw and sorghum straw results were 50.07 %, 45.97 % and 33.17 % respectively and was significant (P> 0.05).For crud protein-CP, sorghum straw, groundnut straw and sesame straw result were 47.10% , 24.27 % and 19.30% respectively and was significant (P> 0.05).For Crud fiber CF sesame straw, sorghum straw and groundnut straw result were 49.90 % , 27.70 %  and  11.52 % respectively and was significant (P > 0.05).


Keywords: Digestibility – crop residues – feeding – Sheep Lambs – straw.