Article Published In Vol.2,No.2

Design and Optimization of Silo using FEM

Author : Ramakrishna Vemula and K. Venkateswararao

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Circular cylindrical silo structures are prone to cross-sectional distortion (ovalisation), when subjected to pressure and wind loading. This ovalisation is resisted by the ring beam at the junction of intersection of silo wall and its supporting tower as well as in plane rigidity of the silo roof .This paper deals with such phenomenon using a finite element model in Ansys. A case study has been carried out using the pressure and wind load distribution as per relevant IS code of practice Results obtained from the three dimensional finite element model of the silo clearly support the fact of transverse bending of the silo wall, which was empirically supported by the analytical model. It also shows that the values obtained thus are much on lower end compared to the results of analytical model in bending of silo wall in transverse direction, whereas it also evaluates longitudinal stresses, which are equally significant Also the effect of cross-sectional distortion of the silo wall, i.e., the ovalisation is found to be critical only at middle one-half height of the silo wall.

Keywords: Silo, Design, Optimization, FEM