Article Published In Vol.3,No.2

Declining Rainfall and Biophysical Degradation In Benin Center Cotton Zone

Author : Sohou Enagnon Brice, Houndenou Constant and Boko Michel, (Benin)

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Benin center cotton zone under goes a significant drop of annual rainfall which induces a significant impact on agricultural yields and vegetation health. The issue of adaptation and resilience to rainfall variability is needed as a priority. This study is subject to answer the se preoccupations a mid compréhention different situations mentioned. Field work, satellite image processing, and statistical analysis led to a better diagnosis. Indeed, rainfall is ohyets decrease, and the aggressiveness of major rains favored stripping surface horizons. The ironoxide takes place, and the soil redness index significantly decreases. This favored the emergence and proliferation of Sahelian species whose Cyanotis Lanata on eroded soils. Indeed, a bio-climate change gradually moved. Frequent drought and water stress cause rapid drying up of the leaves, which explains the scope of increasing importance of vegetation fires in the dry season. In a word, the chlorophyll density on the landscape is declining. It is urgent to take significant steps.


Keywords:  Benin center; Cotton zone; significant impact; aggressiveness; CyanotisLanata