Article Published In Vol.2,No.2

Comparative Performance of DES and AES in Wireless Security for Brute Force Attack

Author : M A Khan, Tazeem A Khan and M. T Beg

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The Security involves mechanism used to protect the different shareholders, like subscriber and service providers. The aspects of the security that this paper covers are mainly anonymity, authentication and confidentiality. The important aspects of the system that need protection are described along with the implementation of mechanisms used for protection. It appears that many of the very valuable aspects of the GSM can be attacked. The most obvious threat against communication system is eavesdropping on conversation. The privacy of GSM conversation is protected using some version of A5 algorithm. There are several impressive cryptanalysis attacks against these algorithms like linear attack, differential attack and brute force attack etc. that break the encryption and make it possible to eavesdrop in real time. The main focus of this paper is investigations of brute force attack on DES and AES. In the presence of these threats and vulnerabilities it is justified to wonder whether GSM provides sufficient security for users with very valuable information to communication. These users may be military organizations, senior management personal in large companies etc. GSM’s current security model does not provide sufficient protection for these entities.

Keywords: A5, DES, AES.