Article Published In Vol.2,No.1

Combustion Heat Release Estimation to Explore Best Blend of Mahuva Methyl Ester and Diethyl Ether as Cetane Improver

Author : P. Ramesh Babua, B. V. Appa Rao

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Single zone heat release rate calculations with in cylinder heat transfer are done with the combustion pressure as an input and a comparative study is taken up with neat diesel and Mahuva methyl ester as a biodiesel with Diethyl Ether (DEE-Cetane improver). Combustion Delay period trend is assessed by the close scrutiny of the combustion pressure signatures and the combustion behavior is being assessed with the net heat release rate and cumulative heat release plots at various loads on the engine with different fuels. Present work deals with trials of Mahuva Methyl Ester (MME) and Diethyl Ether (DEE) additive blends. Various blends of MME with additive at different percentages (3%, 5%, 10%, and 15%) by volume were prepared and tested in full range of engine load. Results obtained from the study shows that 15% of additive with MME could be a better fuel in terms of combustion pressure changes and heat release. Further, the blend can be used in any existing CI engines without engine modification or fuel preheating. Mixing DEE additive with biodiesel improves the cold flow, combustion efficiency, and viscosity and reduces the engine detonation. Combustion analysis is also taken up with real vibration time waves recorded vertical on the cylinder head.

Key words: Biodiesel, additive, Diethyl Ether, MME, Delay period, Combustion analysis.