Article Published In Vol.2,No.2

Analysis of Multi-Magnet Based DC Electromagnetic Levitation System using ANSYS Simulation Software

Author : P.K.Biswasa, S.Bannerjee

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In this paper an overview of finite element analysis for multi-magnet based DC electromagnetic levitation system has been presented. The proposed multi-magnet based single axis levitation scheme has been described. This paper reports ANSYS software based simulation of an electro magnetically levitated platform (vehicle structure) that uses three attraction type magnets fixed at the three corners of the platform. The magnet configurations chosen on the basis of required pole-face area and necessary window area to house the excitation coils. FEM based analysis has done to find out the flux pattern, working flux density, field intensity, force etc. for three actuators based levitation system at different condition. . The effect of different parameters like coil-current, no of turns of coil has been studied.

Keywords: Electromagnetic levitation, Multi-magnet system, FEM analysis, ANSYS software, flux pattern and force.