Article Published In Vol.4,No.1

An Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Concrete by Partially Replacing Cement with Metakaolin

Author : L. Vyshnavi Sai, T. Yeswanth Sai, M. Sambasivarao and Gvln Murthy

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Concrete is the most commonly used material for construction. The worldwide production of cement has greatly increased since 1990.Production of cement results in a lot of environmental pollution as it involves the emission of CO2 gas. Supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) are finely ground solid materials that are used to replace a portion of the cement in a concrete mixture. These supplementary materials may be naturally occurring, manufactured or manmade waste. Various types of pozzolanic materials that improve cement properties have been used in cement industry for a long time. Metakaolin is a dehydroxylated aluminium silicate. It is an amorphous non crystallized material, constituted of lamellar particles. From the recent research works using Metakaolin, it is evident that it is a very effective pozzolanic material and it effectively enhances the strength parameters of concrete.

Keywords:  Metakaolin, Portland Cement, Compressive strength.