Article Published In Vol.2,No.1

A new appproach for placement of Capacitor in radial distribution system for improvement of Voltage Profile and reduction of power loss

Author : Nasim Ali Khan, Saradindu Ghosha, Sakti Prasad Ghoshala

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This paper presents a new and efficient approach for capacitor placement in radial distribution systems with an objective of improving the voltage profile and reduction of power loss. In this paper, our aim would be optimal distributed generation allocation for loss reduction in distribution network. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the basic understanding of power quality in relation to the distributed generation. A New Search Algorithm (NSA) was used as solving tool. This algorithm is used to minimize an objective function. For applying NSA, a software is programmed under MATLAB software is prepared. This proposed NSA method is implemented on IEEE various Bus System, and the results may show that the proposed method is better than the other methods. The results prove the efficiency of the proposed method.

Keywords: Radial distribution power flow, Element incidence matrix, Loss Reduction, Transmission loss, Distributed generation