Article Published In Vol.3,No.1

A multi_Purpose Utility Model for Urban Areas in Northern Khartoum Using GIS

Author : Mahmoud Abdelrahim Abdelgiom and Mohamed Ahmed Gorani, (Sudan)

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This paper presents the design and the development of a multi-purpose utility model for Northern Khartoum area using techniques of Geographical Information System (GIS). Moreover, the study aims to investigate and identify the operational development of systems employing integrated utility databases for facilities including water pipelines networks, sewerage network, electric networks, and telephone and telecommunication networks and roads services. The second goal is to establish multi-purpose utility model to aid management and development of future plans as well as providing a requisite accuracy in a multi-purpose utility model case by design and avoid errors which can be expensive.The methodology of this paper intends to establish a mutual global and a local datum base map comprising all utility services in the study area and to apply the GIS analysis techniques for the management and planning of these networks with the ultimate aim of achieving easy and fast operation, updating and maintenance of these networks. The paper concludes that a common control body such as National Geographical Information Committee should be established to maintain and manage the utility services network by using the multi-purpose utility model. The benefits of using this model system is feeding the exact location of problem and manage to solve the problem in the study area; then in the Khartoum state and all other states eventually.

 Keywords:  The method of analysis used to select the ideal site of the utility networks is the spatial analysis methods. The benefits of using these methods are feeding the exact location of problem and manage to solve the problem in the study area.